Preparing For Your Visit

Some conditions may prevent you from receiving services. Please see the list below:

  • Severe acne. Consult your dermatologist in regards to facial treatments.
  • If currently on Accutane, Roaccutane, facials are not recommended during this time and 6 months after treatment.
  • Running fever.
  • Early pregnancy (only if your doctor approves after first trimester laying on the back for an extended period of time).
  • Fillers like Botox. Wait at least 2 weeks after having the procedure done.
  • Recent laser treatment or removal of skin lesions. (Wait until the skin heals completely).
  • Open wounds or cold sores around the mouth. (Have to heal completely before facial.)
  • Recent face, neck, or shoulder surgery (Wait until your doctor approves to do facials.)
  • Severe sensitivity
  • Rashes and itchy skin require a Dermatologist consultation.